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LMHS Mission

The mission of The La Marque High School is to foster an educational environment in which all students are challenged, excellence is expected, and individual differences are valued; so students maximize their full potential as responsible, productive, contributing members of society.


Principal's Office Phone: 409-938-4261 x5505

Principal: Ricky Nicholson (E-mail)
Secretary: Simone Mouton (E-mail)

Dean of Instruction

Dean of Instruction Office Phone: (409) 938-4261 x5508

Dean of Instruction:  Katasha DeRouen (E-mail)

Secretary: Brenda Lopez (E-mail)

Dean of Student Support

Dean of Student Management Office Phone: (409) 938-4261 x5504

Dean of Student Management:   Brittany Walker (E-mail)

Secretary: Brenda Lopez (E-mail)

Assistant Principals

Assistant Principal's Office Phone:     (409) 938-4261 x5513

Assistant Principal: Jonette Douglas (E-mail)

Secretary: Brenda Lopez (E-mail)

Administrative Intern's Office Phone:      (409) 938-4261 x5513

Administrative Intern: Jessie Morehead (E-mail)

Secretary: Brenda Lopez (E-mail)