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National Technical Honor Society’s Mission is to honor student achievement and leadership in Career and Technical Education, promote education excellence, award scholarships, and enhance career opportunities for the NTHS membership.

NTHS helps member to:

·Seek postsecondary education by awarding over $260,000 in scholarships annually

·Position themselves ahead of the competition in today’s highly competitive workforce

·Earn recognition for superior achievement in career and technical fields

·Build career portfolios with professional letters of recommendation

·Connect to global career and technical education networks

·Discover opportunities with leading business and industry

·Serve in leadership roles in communities and industries

What Members Receive

As a member, you will receive a professional portfolio containing your membership certification and card to showcase your membership. In addition, you will receive an official NTHS diploma seal, graduation tassel, lapel pin and window decal to display you NTHS affiliation. You will also be qualified to wear the NTHS purple and white honor cords at graduation.

How to Become a Member

To become a member you must have and maintain at least a 3.0 (80) GPA, have at least one credit in an affiliated CTE course (see below NTHS Occupational Codes), be in good standing at school and in the community, complete the application packet and pay the $30 dues (lifetime).

Please contact Ms. Toney – NTHS Chapter 1994 Sponsor for more information

Ms. Toney Rm E-107
409-938-4261 ext. 5594

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